Now with offices in the UK, Estonia and UAE, BizzCoin works with an excellent corporate team set to build a cryptocurrency following the Bitcoin trend. 


Imagine Bizztrade solutions that offer person to person lending, accepting Visa and Mastercard, and paying instantly into your bank account. 


Bizztrade makes profits through Automated trading with up to 10% monthly passive income, you start with as little as a €50 package. 


Bizzcoin is designed to accelerate transactions and lower fees with its exchange system. Point of sale systems is set to accept this currency with an advanced payment gateway system. The BizzTravel facility can be transacted with 450 airlines and 5000 hotels.  


Many wished that they had joined Bitcoin at the beginning. If you’re planning on being part of this world, BizzCoin, the latest and most advanced cryptocurrency is the way to go.  

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Nick Stoppani UK

Maher Awad USA

Ever thought of a Career in FOREX ..? 

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From our C.O.O Mr Paul Chalmers


We Are Listed on all the Top Exchanges on the Planet


The Team Of Professionals Behind Bizztrade / Bizzcoin 

Our team of highly qualified professionals are trained in different areas of business and management, IT, Technological Development, Network and Communications. We have rich experience in the sector proving our expertise 

Rehan Gohar


Rizwan Gohar


Paul Chalmers


Maurice Brooks


DR Arslan Alvi

Master Distributor

Gurpreet Dhaliwal


Felix Fuertes


Shweta Bhushan


Graham Paterson


BizzCoin Acceptability

BizzCoin will serve as a global currency, which will be acceptable on all BizzCoin platforms, and it will empower people to use a single currency for diverse payments as well as trading.

Non-Custodial Wallet

A mnemonics-based, secure mobile wallet to transfer and store Bitcoin, Ethereum, BIZZ, and other ERC20 Coins.

Travel Booking with BIZZ

Now you can use BizzCoin to explore new places and book your flights, hotels, holidays and much more.

A Trading Platform

An exchange designed for secure, quick, and easy trading of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BIZZ.

Crypto Friendly Banking

International Business and personal bank account with Master and Visa card supporting multiple crypto and fiat currencies.

A Shopping Platform

An ecommerce portal for global users to buy and sell diverse products using BIZZ.

POS System
BizzCoin Merchant Solution

An advanced gateway for businesses to pay for any products or services using BIZZ globally.

Cash out-Cash In

BizzCoin cashpoint will serve as an ATM to enable users to purchase and deposit BIZZ in exchange for fiat currency.


Play Games on your phone and win BizzCoin

Coming Soon

WHY BizzCoin ?



BizzCoin is an ERC20 Coin that can be bought in exchange for BitCoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Designed on the Ethereum blockchain, BizzCoin is devised to accelerate transactions while offering lower transaction fees.

BizzCoin has many advantages over its contemporaries as it is launched with a fully-functional eco-system that ensures usability from the very first day.

BizzCoin will play an extremely significant role in driving transactions on a number of platforms, internationally, including Shopping, Trading, Travel, Remittance, Merchant Services, Staking, and many more. It will also be the backbone of BizzCoin Referral & Reward Program. The acceptance and usage of BIZZ will increase its popularity as well as value.

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So how are we going to help you build your team ..? 

We have Regular Weekly Zoom Calls , Regular Facebook Lives. The Founders Lead from the Front helping each and every member with one to ones , or Private Zoom  calls .. Our head office is in Birmingham UK , and anyone can visit with an appointment to meet the CEO ( Rehan Gohar ) if he is available and if not there will always be people there who can help. My team is also bringing out a series of training videos . there are some available now but we'd like to publish our own. plus we shall be having weekly / Bi-Weekly and Monthly meets up and down the country where you can bring anyone interested and this would be at no cost to you! so register for free using the button above . you have nothing to lose !


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